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Wil Wheaton

July 29, 2013


Why is July 29th different from all other days?

In the Before Time, gamers and geeks were a vicious, predatory lot, venting the pain and frustration of their lives in the material world by savagely attacking each other in the digital world. Their virtual homeland knew no kindness nor civility, for whence would they have learned such things? But that was before the young actor Wil Wheaton, at the margin of the marginalized for portraying Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, stood before a gaming convention, and delivered unto them Wheaton’s Law. “Don’t be a dick,” said Wheaton, and the geeks rejoiced. Tears streamed down their faces, they collapsed into throes of ecstasy, and women and ponytailed men washed his feet with their hair. For the lessons of prophets and saints, of parents and teachers, had never reached the ears of the geeks. Until Wil Wheaton, they had not known self-restraint; it never occurred to them that there was another way to conduct themselves. He had lifted the veil from their eyes and shown them the path with a handy flowchart. The Internet was not the homeland they were promised, but now it could be. And the geeks loved him. And as a gift to them, Wheaton declared his birthday would be a world-wide “Don’t Be A Dick” Day, lest they ever forget.

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