Donald (Do You Want To Drop the Bomb?)

(Sung to the tune of “Mother” by Pink Floyd)


Donald do you want to drop the bomb?

Donald will you sue me for this song?

Donald do you think it’s time to break some balls?

Ooh, ah

Donald should we build a wall?


Donald will you run for President?

Donald I don’t trust the government!

Donald when will the U.S.A. be great?

Ooh, ah

Donald I’m just filled with hate.


Hush now angry White guy, don’t you cry.

Donald’s gonna make liberal nightmares come true.

Donald’s gotta put all of his fears into you.

Donald’s gonna redefine this nation’s Right Wing.

Donald’s gonna make us great friends with Putin.

Donald’s gonna make America mighty and strong.

Ooh babe, ooh babe, ooh babe,

We’ll make Mexico pay for our wall.


Donald will the world be good enough

For me?

Donald is the world too dangerous,

To me?

Donald will they tear our way of life apart?

Ooh ah,

Donald when’d it get so hard?


Hush now angry White guy don’t you cry.

Donald’s gonna close down all the borders for you.

Donald won’t let anyone Muslim get through.

Donald’s gonna armor our country’s thin skin.

Donald’s gonna fix it so America wins.

Donald knows that truth can depend how you feel.

Ooh babe, ooh babe, ooh babe,

Show them we’re not yet a dying breed.
Donald, did it need to go so low?