Wanda and the Infinity Coven

SPOILERS for WandaVision through Episode 7, because I want to get some wild-ass theorizing out there before all is revealed.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, movies like Thor and Doctor Strange established magic as a technology born of a more advanced science, a means of tapping into primordial cosmic forces. The Infinity Stones, created along with the universe by the Big Bang, are powerful sources of these energies. But possessing an Infinity Stone is not the only way to access a portion of its power. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff were given powers by Baron Strucker, experimenting with the Mind Stone. Carol Danvers got her powers from an explosion of an engine powered by the Space Stone. Some mortals in the MCU seem less accidental about tapping into these forces.

In Doctor Strange, the Ancient One’s order had a book about the Time Stone it guarded, but the (hexagonal) shelves may have held other such tomes. One of them was even missing.

Does Agatha’s book belong to the Ancient One’s library?

WandaVision showed us that the witchy Agatha Harkness has another arcane tome. Does it belong to the same set? The orange energy seeping from Agatha’s book seems to point to the Soul Stone, along with Agatha’s fixation on Wanda’s twins–conceived and born under mysterious conditions. In Infinity War and Endgame, the Soul Stone demanded two souls for it to be claimed, first by Thanos, then by Hawkeye. What happened to those souls? Why does the Soul Stone even demand them? How does that work? Maybe I’m following a false trail, but if the MCU has souls, then Billy and Tommy are either soulless conjurations, or their souls came from somewhere. Even Sparky the Dog couldn’t be resurrected. Unlike in the comic books, without Franklin Richards in the MCU to fragment his soul, they didn’t come from Mephisto. So the twins could be reincarnations of Gamora and the Black Widow. To what end? Maybe Billy (AKA the future Wiccan) is a Soul Warlock the Infinity Coven needed to summon (by their colors, Wanda is a Reality Witch and Agatha is a Power Witch) to be complete, and Tommy was an unexpected byproduct of Wanda’s love for Vision, and the availability of another soul. Or maybe their soulless bodies are vessels for some Soul Stone magic, pulling through the Nexus. Hey, most of the fun is wild-ass guessing between episodes.

A better devilish option than Mephisto?

I’ve speculated about Westview’s Infinity Coven, but before all is revealed in the next two weeks, maybe it’s time to commit to the concept and hazard a guess on the other members who form the six points on the hexagon. MCU witches, naturally, would be aligned to the “elements” of the six Infinity Stones, not the traditional elements of earth, water, wind, fire, and spirit.

  • Scarlet (Reality): Wanda Maximoff
  • Purple (Power): Agatha Harkness
  • Orange (Soul): Billy Maximoff AKA Wiccan? Or the Red Skull, who guards the Soul Stone on Vormir?
  • Yellow (Mind): “Dottie Jones” AKA Clea?
  • Blue (Space): “Dennis” the Presto Delivery man AKA Martin Preston AKA Master Pandemonium?
  • Green (Time): My friend really wants Herb to be Brother Voodoo…

If an Infinity Coven is anywhere close to the truth, Wanda Maximoff seems poised to fall into two categories: Marvel’s mystics, who use knowledge of arcane science to manipulate cosmic energies, and another group, like Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau, who have been changed by these energies. Mutated, you could say.

Let’s call them “mutants.”

Mutants or Witchbreed?

They, like Wanda, are naturals with their abilities. They don’t necessarily know how they shoot beams of Power from their eyes, see into others’ Minds, turn back Time on their bodily injuries, traverse Space in a single BAMF, change the Reality of their appearance on a whim, or manifest their Souls as a sword–but they can do it. They can do it because long ago, at the dawn of the species, the Celestials seeded humankind with the potential to tap into the cosmic powers like their distant cousins the Eternals.

When Baron Strucker and Hydra’s experiments “unleashed the goddess within” Wanda, they tapped into the latent Celestial potential. And now Wanda can do it to others. It’s a reversal of the comic book storyline “House of M,” where she tries to rid the world of mutants. In WandaVision, she unlocks them. Monica Rambeau was the first.

If you’re in the business of not only observing and responding to Sentient Weapons, but creating them–like Tyler Hayward is–now you have an easier and more productive path forward than trying to reactivate an Infinity Stone-powered, vibranium android. Especially if the show’s finale has Wanda’s hex exploding across the globe, the way Black Bolt’s Terrigen Mists did in the comics, triggering the (short-lived) Inhuman renaissance. There are a host of empowered individuals to exploit.

Maybe it’s a stretch. I’m reaching, because I really want Phase Five of the MCU to be about the X-Men. But is it too much to ask for a scene where Sir Ian McKellen embraces Wanda, calls her daughter, and warns her that, though he cannot stay in this world for long, she has the power to do something he once tried (back in the first X-Men movie), but failed to accomplish? She need not be alone. She has the power to create a vast brotherhood and sisterhood of beings who are–like her–as gods to these homo sapiens and their guns. She just needs to reach out with her powers, find the ones with the spark, and whisper…

More Mutants

More likely, the Nexus to the Multiverse gives Wanda a more direct way of dealing with her loss. This world robbed her of her brother, her husband–three times!, and her children who, even if they weren’t real, felt real. Grief can leave us imagining worlds that zigged instead of zagged, where our loved ones remained with us, and we were happy and whole. Wanda may be able to do something about it. The end of WandaVision could start her on a rampage through the Multiverse to find the world where things went right. And that may be exactly the kind of abuse of the natural order that Mordo warned Doctor Strange about.


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