“Act One, Scene Five”

I’m thrilled to announce that my 900-word flash fiction “Act One, Scene Five” has been published in Brilliant Flash Fiction WHEREIN the only Korean-American kid in school gets into character to rehearse Romeo’s first kiss with Juliet.

Please enjoy “Act One, Scene Five” in Brilliant Flash Fiction. (It’s a ways down the page of the June 2022 issue, alongside other tiny stories you’ll want to read!)

Author’s Notes

The Codex Writers group have a wonderful contest called “Weekend Warrior” every year. On Friday, contestants get a writing prompt, and by Sunday they submit a piece of flash fiction for five consecutive weekends. The prize for all participants is five new stories to develop and submit. This is one of mine.

The prompt for this story was “what falls between the lines.” I went through a few iterations on what that prompt could mean (lines of text, lines at an amusement park, lines of code), but the idea of a kid rehearsing lines of a play, and getting carried away with the emotion of the scene seemed like the quickest path to drama in such a short story. It’s not what I usually write, and I’m so happy it found a home so quickly.


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