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Rajiv's Control Center
When you look into my head, my head also looks into you.


Rajiv Moté is a speculative fiction writer living in Chicago with his wife, daughter, and puppy. His stories make appearances in Cast of Wonders, Diabolical Plots, Dream of Shadows, Metaphorosis, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Truancy, and others, and he has served as a slush-reading Badger for Shimmer Magazine. During the day, he gathers source material by masquerading as a software engineering manager. He scrapes off excess words on Twitter at @RajivMote, and occasionally realizes he should put some effort into

Rajiv’s published work can be found here.

Software Engineering Manager

Rajiv Moté is a software engineering manager with nearly 30 years of experience in professional software development. He has produced software for medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, created SaaS systems to manage paid search advertising campaigns, transitioned teams to Agile practices, reimagined software to be AWS cloud native systems, coordinated the work of in-house, near-shore, and offshore teams on a single product, and built a foundation of trust and mission focus within high-functioning, cross-functional software delivery teams.

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