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Fiction and other works published in other venues, and written by Rajiv Moté.

L’Appel du Vide” in Metaphorosis

Short fabulist fiction, 3,900 words. “The call of the void” is a phenomenon where a person standing at a precipice has the unreasonable, outrageous urge to step out into the abyss. For Isaac, suddenly untethered from the ground, the void is the sky above. [Coming in 2019]

“The Old Ones, Great and Small” in Diabolical Plots Year 5

Short weird fiction, 2,800 words. On a trip with his grandchildren to the Miskatonic Zoo, an old man recalls a quaint time when the Lovecraftian Great Old Ones were objects of mystery and horror. [Coming in 2019]

“Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?” in Honey and Sulfur

Short dark fantasy fiction, 3,500 words. It’s possible to keep hold of love in Hieronymus Bosch’s Hell, but you have to watch out for those Birds. [Coming in 2019]

Matchstick Reveries” in Truancy 5

Short fantasy fiction, 2,700 words. Subtitled “Marvel Comics Presents: The Little Match Girl.” The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth. [Commentary]

Artisanal Software: Fostering a Culture of Ownership” in Tech Blog

Nonfiction, 1,200 words. If you want software developers to own their work, their workplace should be more like a craftsman’s workshop than an assembly line.

Remember the Ifrit” in Cast of Wonders 242

Flash science fiction, 500 words. It’s hard to record the shared feeling of wonder on an intergalactic safari. [Commentary]

Old Customs” in Unlikely Story 12.5

Fabulist fiction, 2,000 words. Now it’s a huge, flashy festival attracting tourists from all over the world, but looking back through the generations at its celebration reveals darker, more painful origins. [Commentary]


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